October 10, 2011

Life is a highway...

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. I have stopped and thought about all the great things that my Kinders have been doing that I want to share! I have also been thinking about my blog and what direction to take it in. Does anyone else ever do that? I am constantly feeling guilty about not posting. But I also sometimes think about how I want to incorporate so many different things into my posts: my home, my kids, teaching, cooking, etc. I almost want to just make it about my life in general. But that means that I would need a new name, new URL, etc... and I feel like I don't have the time to do any of that right now! Err...

Anyways, life is being taken one day at a time right now. My mom just had her first chemo treatment last week and is dealing with it somewhat okay so far. I won't lie- I'm definitely worried. But my husband has been a HUMONGOUS support! He is right there to listen, to support, to hug when I cry, and to take logic into me (not my strong suit sometimes!). I also have an amazing support system at school that has been wonderful with helping and supporting.

I've also gotten into this mood where I want to decorate my house. I've never really decorated because we had stuff everywhere. But last summer my husband and I really made an effort to clean up and out. So I made the step to actually put out wreaths on Saturday as well as a table runner with matching placemats. When I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I even found cute fall themed dish towels. I'm just overly happy with having something out that makes my house feel slightly more put together and homey. My next step is to get better about cleaning and cooking. I made two different batches of apple crisp this weekend too. Man did my house smell good!! I had to call my mom several times because when I copied the recipe, I only wrote down the ingredients thinking "I'll know the rest when I get to it"... yeah, that didn't really work for me!

The best thing this weekend though, was when my husband and I took the kids to a local corn maze. My pumpkins were too stinkin' cute! Just check it out yourself:

Of course, I am a tad biased. But they had the best time! We walked the corn maze. Even K was able to walk most of it and she's not even 2 yet. Then we did a hay ride, pony rides for little man (K refused), petting zoo, and even played in a corn box. Yep, you read that right. A corn box is like a sand box except it's filled with corn. So much fun! Little man came home with a shoefull of corn though. Apparently it didn't bother his feet to have it in his shoes!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful fall weekend as well!

Have a blessed day,

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