October 12, 2011

Daily 5 Chart and set-up

Daily 5 is all the rage and I am loving it! Having never taught Kindergarten before, this set-up is very close to a Kindergarten friendly version of Reading Workshop. It definitely makes it work for me! I thought I would share the way that I have everything set-up in my room right now. (Although, I am really bad about moving things around as I figure out something that will work better!)

I am loving this simple chart. Each day I change the list of students down one row so that they get to start at a new station. I have my list of students on the left hand side (not showing the whole card because of it having student names). The adorable cards are found here at Ms. Crowder's Busy Bees. She has AMAZING resources, including the awesome posters that I used at each of my stations:

Word Work

My students can work on building words with the magnets or work with their letters with the different bags. Each bag has either a set of letters to put in order or 2 sets (1 upper case and 1 lower case) to match the upper and lower case letters. The other bucket contains a sight word book that I worked with the students on this week.

Read with Someone
My students can choose from 1 of 4 bags of books (different levels and genres) to buddy read with someone from their group. The area that this is in is a good little area from them to do this in because it's perfect to EEKK.

Listening to Reading

For my listening center, I have chosen 4-5 books for the week for the students to choose from. This seems to be way better for the students. We are still working on getting over the technology bridge of how to use a cassette player!

Working on Writing
In my writing station, I have the students choose from two different activities. The folder on the left is their pictionary that they began several weeks into school. The cards in the box have a picture on the front and the word on the back. Their other choice is their October journal. This is simply a cute cover stapled to the Lucy Calkin's writing paper.

My Read to Self is the students simply sitting at their seats with either a booken chosen from their book box on the table or their very own book bag. Right now the only books in their book bag are sight word books and repeated reading books (Brown Bear mini-book).

How's Daily 5 going in your room?

Have a blessed day,

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