September 4, 2011

Pinterest made me do it!

I think almost everyone has heard of Pinterest by now and most of us have joined it (and become addicted as crus to it!). I have seen some fantastic ideas our there that have really benefited my students already this year. For example, my Kinders have begun their learning adventure into the Daily Five by learning about Read to Self. Of course there are three ways to read to self: read the pictures, read the words, and retell. So as I spent one day on each of these, I made the adorable chart that hangs by my chair and easel.

This is such a great visual for my kiddos to see. I'm proud that when we review it most know the three ways and I see pretty much all of my students (who don't know right off the top of their heads) lancing over to look at the big 3 to jog their memories. I know that they can't read what I've written yet but it still seems to help!

I made this based on this chart:

I found this on Pinterest and it lead me to an amazing blog: Beg, Borrow, and Steal. Perfect namee for a teaching blog, right?

Have a blessed day,

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