September 4, 2011

Enticing incentives for the classroom

I love rewarding my Kinders with treats. They get so excited about the tiniest things that we do in school. For example, we have book buddies who come on every other Friday. One of my little girls gets so excited about her book buddy coming that she claps her hands and puts them up to her face Macaulay Culkin style. I have several different systems in my room with positive rewards for individual students (a skittle, a super ticket, or moving a clip up, verbal praise, etc) and for the whole class. Currently, we are really working on our behavior in the hallway so I remind the students each time we leave that they could earn a compliment when we are out in the hallway. Below is the display that I use:

This system has worked miracles! My Kinders are so, so very quite in the hallways now. They are doing way better about staying in line together and paying attention. We are only 2 compliments away from our big treat. Another teacher who does this on my grade level often lets the kids choose their party. I definitely will being doing this some as well. Our first treat will be snow cones! I have been truly blessed with a room mom this year who has a snow cone machine. How awesome is that? Our room mom is definitely very involved, along with several of other parents, and is a humongous help with classroom needs already!

Have a blessed day,

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