August 26, 2011

Amazing management trick

Yesterday I posted this picture:

See that turquoise paper underneath the blocks? Yep, that's it... my secret new management tip. I had an *ahem* interesting experience with my normally calm pumpkins when two of them started to have an intense disagreement over a box of blocks our first day of centers this week. Their real problem was that they (for some reason... like the fact that they are 5) couldn't leave the box in the middle of the table. So on the second day of centers, I simply placed this paper in the middle of the table. Then I put the block boxes on top. I told my pumpkins that the boxes were not allowed to leave the paper and the paper wasn't allowed to move.

Guess what happened!

No arguments, no tug-of-war, and no more disagreemtns! It was fabulous! Do you have any tips or tricks that are so simply to set-up but are life changing?

Have a blessed day,


  1. Great idea!

    I have a couple: work mats to define space, brain sprinkles to help them think (a covered can with rice and beans that I shake), quiet spray ( spray bottle with water), attention getters ( call and response) <----------- These are on my blog!

    Ms. Patterson

    Pocket Full of Kinders