August 9, 2011

The fruits (and vegetables) of Kindergarten!

Happy Tuesday to all of my long lost friends! I know that I have been away for awhile and I am so sorry for that! I did not realize how exhausting pre-planning would be. I promise though that I have some adorable ideas to share with you coming up in the next few days.

Yesterday, was our first day of school and my first day as a Kindergarten teacher! I was so, so very nervous but I have an amazing God-send of a parapro working with me for the next 2 weeks before we start to share the 2 parapros that our grade level has among the 5 of us. Our 6th teacher has a (kind-of) full-time parapro for her special needs students. Anyways, I have loved everything but have definitely been terrified several times (*cough*bus call*cough*). My kinders are so adorable though! I wanted to share with you the "fruits and vegetables" of Kindergarten:

See, aren't they wonderful?? My husband and I were talking the other day about kids bring teachers apples. Well, during registration one of my boys brought me a tomato. The first day a girl brought me the squash and another gave me an apple (given it was at the end of lunch time.... ;) ). So I guess my students are unique and sweet!!

I have also learned that as a third grade teacher I took a LOT for granted that my kids 'just knew' when they got to me already. I have a new respect for K teachers and know that I have a LOT to learn. Still, each day will get better... I just hope lunch and bus call go better tomorrow! Lunch was better today except that I left with a ketchup stain on my bottom (aren't you glad I spared you a picture of my pants?). And I have gone to the other teachers to ask about bus call advice. Sure hope it's better tomorrow! How do you do bus call with your students during the beginning of the year? I hope everyone is having a great time with their new kids!!

Have a blessed day,

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