March 21, 2011

My wonder 21 followers...

I love each of you dearly!

It has been crazy the past month. Yep, month. I know, I'm horrible!
My spring has been very, very, veeeeery busy since I over-volunteered at work to do tutoring, enrichment classes, and several other after-school activities.

I'm finally getting a little bit of breathing room back because a couple of these commitments are ending soon. I am getting some crafting done since my after-school enrichment class is ....drum roll.....a crafting class!

So far we have made mobiles, decoupaged boxes, created ceramic coasters, decorated picture frames, and designed jewlery. This week- photo holders!

This past weekend I also made more of these:

I completely forgot to take pictures of course. A (super great) lady at work wanted four of her very own after admiring the ones that I wear often. It was a delight to make her a set or black and white as well as red and blue flowers.

I'm hoping to get some more crafting done in the near future... like right now, I'm getting off of here and reaching for my crochet. What lovely crafting have you been up to?

Have a blessed day,


  1. I've been making hats out of thrifted sweaters.

  2. I really enjoy your blog! I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me and take pictures too! UGH. When will I learn? :) Love your rosettes too!