February 27, 2011

Friday Five

I know, it's Sunday and not Friday... Remember I said that I'm not good about posting on the day I'm supposed to? Well, if I was to go back and add this on Friday. Here are my 5:

1.) Clean house (done)
2.) Finish laundry (almost done)
3.) Go to the library and get my book club book (not done yet)
4.) Spend time with my pumpkins (had all day by myself with them yesterday while their daddy went and helped out family :) )
5.) Finish grading papers (again....almost done)

Extra fun things that I did this weekend: I got to surprise my hubs by going to the grocery store so that he didn't have to. Wow, going with 2 kids and only 1 in the cart is hard work! I also made a very ymmy roast last night for dinner. The kids didn't really like the taste of it but I thought it was pretty fabulous.

So, what did ya'll do this weekend?

Have a blessed day,

1 comment:

  1. great post. I went rock climbing! you gave me an idea for tomorrow's dinner...roast sounds good. Blessings, Joanne