January 12, 2011

Projects #6 and #7 plus a giveaway!

 Happy 100 posts! I'm very excited about reaching 100 posts. When I first started this blog, I was laying 
(lying?) in the hospital for the umpteenth time with preterm labor. I spent most of the time learning the TV schedule (Golden Girls was a must see!) and surfing the internet. I stumbled across some of the most famous and creative bloggers around. Here's my top 10 list:
Now, you should know that my bookmark list has over 4 times this. The majority of them are ones that I follow on my blogger dashboard. (I also have a list of over 60 different projects that I would like to accomplish at some point!) Speaking of which, here is project #6:

I've decided that part of what I want to work on this year is adding more "jazz" to my outfits. This past year I have started to be as "girly" as I have ever been. During this snowy week, I have even painted my nails a bright red.... and they've been that way for days now! It's the first time I've ever, ever done that! This simple bracelet is a pretty turquoise and silver. I used a toggle close instead of a clasp. This helps a lot for me because my husband stays at home with the kids (meaning he's asleep when I'm getting ready) so there aren't a lot of opportunities for "Honey could you put this on for me?" in the mornings. Expect a lot more jewelery this year! I'm thinking I might try earrings next :)
Now, on to the most exciting part! A giveaway! This is my very first and I am extremely excited about it! To 1 lucky winner I will be giving away these adorable pins that I crafted today:
I made these using a tutorial over on Made by Me. Shared with You. I have a similar pair that I will be wearing on anything I can layer (i.e. cardigans, blue jean jacket, sweaters, etc.) They are adorable with their interesting buttons and pretty pearls. So how do you win them?
Leave a comment for each of the following:

Chance #1- Follow Classic Crafter through Google Friend Connenct
Chance #2- Leave a comment telling me what you would wear these adorable pins on or with.
Chance #3- Blog about this giveaway. Please make sure to leave the link :) I'd love to check out your blogs!
Chance #4- (Just for fun) Tell me something fun you did in the snowy weather this past week! Or if you have been without snow, what you did fun without the snow!

I will pick a winner using a random number drawing on Sunday, January 16th. I'll end it at Midnight (Eastern time) that night.

Get Your Craft On Tuesday

Have a blessed day,


  1. I follow via GFC now.

  2. I would wear them on my scarf from goodwill for just 2 bucks!

  3. We actually had snow, and something fun was playing in it with Little Girl while in town.
    We're in TX :)

  4. I follow you through GFC. :)

    sewveryhappysarah at gmail dot com

  5. I would wear the pins with everything, since almost everything I own can be worn in layers. I might even pin them to a headband.

    sewveryhappysarah at gmail dot com

  6. We haven't been able to do anything fun in the snow yet! My 2 year old was under the weather so we didn't want to risk making it worse. We did have tons of fun birdwatching through the windows though. :)


    Thanks for the opportunities to win and congrats on your 100th post!

  7. How the heck have you had this blog THIS LONG and I just now am seeing it??? lol

  8. I blogged about this giveaway!

    Also, thank you so much for the follow back!