January 9, 2011

Project #1- Redoing my craft space

Do you remember what my craft space used to look like? It was a tiny little corner of our office. You can see it here.
My wonderful husband decided that I should have way more space. Here are some shots of my amazing new space (and some of my newest toys!)

We moved the desk out of the corner and took the back off it so that I have the entire working space. Much better to be able to have a spot to do scrapbooking layouts (which I'm determined to do this year!) and have access to my cutting mats. You can see my awesome new Cricut in the back corner.

We moved my hutch from the dining room into my sewing room because I really like this image from over at Allsorts.
Now I just need to get my fabric stash out of my bucket (under my table) and up onto the shelves.

Here's another view of my table top with my awesome Cricut over there in the corner... By the way I have plans for that orange-y bag there....

I also received that awesome bias tape maker there for Christmas from my wonderful MIL. I'm really hoping to start quilting and that was a step in the right direction so I can make my own bias-tape to match :)

What do you think of the awesome new 'craft pad' that I have? I'm so excited...that I'm going to wander in there right now!
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  1. That is a fantastic room! You are going to be able to create such cute things with so much more room! Great job.