March 18, 2010

Sewing Spot

Do you ever wonder what someone's crafting spot looks like? I know that I always wonder about the amazing women who's blogs that I follow religiously. I typically imagine that they have big huge rooms that they can relax in and spread out their wonderful creations. So, for today's blog I thought that I would share with you my crafting spot. It's a nice small spot and it works great for me!

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I have my little shelf all set up with my goodies to work with :) I love my green rack too! It was originally a tiered cupcake or fruit rack. I have my all important Aflac ducks up there along with many different "found treasures" that I can use as I find uses for them.

From Blog pictures

Here's a close up of my green rack. Several in progress projects are on there. I tend to find items for projects and lay them up here until I have all of the different materials that I need to create :)

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This is a close up of my shelves. I have boxes that hold my embellishments, some of my scrap booking paper, stamps and stamp pads, and even my cuttlebug dies. There are also some bigger supplies for projects that wouldn't fit onto my green rack for Christmas projects next year.

From Blog pictures

This is where my main crafting takes place. You can see several projects in various states of progress. Underneath the desk is a big bin with all of my fabric, my scrap bucket, and my thread box as well. All of my patterns are in a basket next to my machine. I'll need to upgrade that soon... especially if I buy any more patterns!

What does your spot look like? Leave a link! I'd love to feature you and your comfy cozy crafting corner!!

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  1. I love your crafting spot!!! I esp am in love with that 3 tiered cupcake rack. I have wanted one of those so badly and I really love that yours is green.. swoon!

    You can see my space here:

    It's totally my most favorite room in the house!

    I do so love seeing other people's crafting spots. It's one of my favorite things ever!