April 8, 2010

How sad!

How sad is it that I keep promising to write more? It's almost as if the more I promise the less it happens! Well, anyways, I just wanted to tell the people on here that I love and adore that I am still around and still working on my crafting! As I speak I am working on a new dress for summer. I used Butterick 5181 to sew it:
I wanted the one on the top right hand corner-- that way I could wear the dress to work (school appropriate shoulder width and all). But, let me ask you-- have you ever made a pattern and then decided after you've done ALL of that hard work that you really just don't like it any more? Well, I still like the dress itself.. just don't think that the length is really me. I'm going to do a little bit more work on it and see if I can shorten it to just above my knee. I really think that that will look better. 

I also want to add in that you really really need to hop on over to Lolly's page and sign up for her card drive. I am making mine in a few minutes to mail out to her. Her very good friend just found out she has cancer. Lolly is such a sweetheart and such a fantastic friend that she is wanting to be ab le to give her friend a card or gift every single day of her treatment. Head on over to find out the specifics to be able to help! I hope to show you  the card in the next few days. I will also be having a give away soon. Keep your eyes open!

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