November 30, 2010

Guess what I just did?

Confession time!
(p.s.- I was going to insert a cute clip art but try Googling "confession" and you can get odd images!)

Any who... so my husband just got on to me because I just read my user's manual for my sewing machine.
The machine I got for Christmas.......two years ago.....
*incredibly sheepish look*

I just realized so, so many things about why my sewing of certain fabrics
have not been going so well.

For example, I now understand what all the symbols on that cool little pull out guide tension, feet, stitch length, fabric type.

But I have a couple of questions made some of you lovelies could help me with :)
As Lolly would say huge TEAL hugs to all of you for your help!

#1- What is the difference between a Utility foot A and a Utility foot B?
#2- What are my Utility feet good for? Is it just for everything that the other feet do not do?
#3- When would I use a Blind Hem Foot?
#4- Is there a trick to sewing in zippers? (I did my first one tonight and ALMOST got it right!)

Any who.... I can't wait to show everyone what I made for my craft exchange partner over at Craftaholic Anoynmous. I'm sending it out tomorrow :) Only a day late is really great for me :)

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