June 30, 2010

And we're off!

I am so, so excited!
To my mail-buddy: You're package is in the mail! You should be getting it middle of next week!
I really, really hope you like it :)

For all of my wonderful readers, middle to the end of next week I'll post the pictures of my wonderful project! 
But first, I'll give you another hint!

Hint #4- I made an item that you can wear (cheat from #3) that is also a tutorial from one of my favorite blogs:

I know that that still doesn't help does it.... (It'd be driving me batty at this point!)
There are so many possibilities!

Any who.....
I'm also working on designing a super cute "quite book" for my son.
I'm really looking forward to it. 
However, it may  be done as a Christmas present.. but I PROMISE not to make you wait till then to see it!

step 1 is to design the pages and decide how I want them to look.
I'll show you what I have in mind in a couple of days!

Good night all!

P.S.- Any other teachers out there? I looked at my calendar and realized I only have just over 3 weeks left before I go back for pre-planning. I'm going to miss my family. I love, love, loooove staying at home with them!

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