July 2, 2010


Awhile back, I found this website where you can get free magazines. I dismissed the first couple of e-mails that they sent me because they weren't magazines that I was interested in. However, recently I found several on their site that I thought would be neat. My first magazine came today! (4-6 weeks wait)

Courtesy of Amazon.com

This isn't the exact issue that I have but it is the magazine: ReadyMade

It has some nifty stuff in it though. The whole magazine has a focus on re-purposing and recycling materials. In the issue that I received, the cover is all about building a patio table with old wooden palates. 

The last page has the coolest idea for using Scrabble tiles to tile the floor. It looked amazing! I'm not going to do a whole floor--but maybe a welcome mat would be cool :)

Here's a site for free magazine subscription: http://www.all-freemagazines.com/

Happy hunting! 

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