May 23, 2010

How many ways...

Have you ever had a crafty item that you could use in so many ways it's just staggering? Well, I love the Kanzashi flowers. They are beautiful and oh so easy to make! So I set out on a mission to get this wonderful image of a flower picture out of my mind and into reality. I have the perfect excuse too-- it's my Nanny's birthday this week. :)

So my helpers and I set out on a crafting adventure! Aren't they cute helpers? 

They're both adorable if I do say so myself (I'm only a bit biased anyways).

So we set to work and this is what we came up with:
I'm pretty happy with it. I already had all of materials (except the muslin required a quick trip to JoAnn's). It was simple to hand embroider the stems, leaves, and grass. Then I just attached the flowers I had made. 

Very happy!!

So was my helper... and his  ball :)

Have a happy Sunday!!!

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