May 14, 2010

Amazing giveaway!

Have you ever been over to The Polka Dot Chair? It's a phenomenal site!!! Well, there is a fantastic giveaway that she's doing right now. 
She is giving away...not one--not two--not three---but FIVE of her amazing, amazing, amazing patterns!
How insanely great is that???
 I am in LOVE with this bag! I may just have to buy it if I don't win!!!
 My second fave would have to be this one:

 Plus, it doesn't hurt that I really stock up on fat quarters when JoAnn's puts them on sale. $.99 is just toooooooooo much temptation for me! Plus (as Lolly would say) who can resist anything in teal!?!?!?
On top of that, she's throwing in a stash of fat quarters. Look at this gorgeous selection of fabric:

Go check it out!

*P.S.-- I'm not quite sure what I hit to make those two spots be highlighted in yellow! I think it's a fluke, because I've selected them and tried to highlight them with white....didn't work. Oh well, a blogger mystery for another day!

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