May 28, 2010

Crafting Season Begins!!

School's out for the summer!!!! I love being a teacher because in the middle of the year, I have 8 weeks home with my wonderful, wonderful family! I am also excited since this year, I have become a 
So, I have a long...long....looooooong list of fantastic projects that I want to work on this summer.
Here are some of the AMAZING projects:

  I really want to make some new clothes before I go back to school in the fall!

 I want to try this for myself this summer too. I love everything on Made by Lex I might even try to add sleeves to it. Of course, I might leave it as is and just wear a white shirt under it this fall.

And what would a new wardrobe be without accessories?  Hodge Podge has a fantastic tutorial about it!

I hope everyone else has a great first week of summer! I am so very excited to start crafting! My goal is to use things that I already have so that I don't have to buy too much more  anything to complete them.

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