March 7, 2010

The prodigal son..errr daughter returns!

I love each and everyone of you (my wonderful 5 followers!!!) It has been an absolutely insane time in my life these past few weeks. It feels like I haven't been able to do very much "Extra" in my life like crafting. My day is pretty much as follows:

4:00- "Wake-up" call from my 2 month old daughter who is hungry
4:30- Begin getting ready for the day
5:40- Leave the house after getting ready, packing lunch, running through checklist 
(Am I sure that I have ALL the pieces to my breast pump!?!?!?)
6:45-7:00- Arrive at school and prepare for day of teaching
7:45-3:00- Teach my heart out to my adorable 3rd graders
3:00-4:30- Prepare for the next day of teaching, plan, catch up, take a deep breath
4:30-6:00- Commute home which might include a stop by the grocery store
6:30- Eat dinner which my WONDERFUL husband has prepared
(I'm not sure why God blessed me with a husband who cooks, but WOW am I thankful for it every single night!!!)
7:00- Watch "letters" (aka Wheel of Fortune) with our 2 year old
7:30- Bath time for both kiddos along with feeding for 2 month old
8:00- Bed time for all
8:30-9:30- Catch up with husband, grade papers, check e-mails and respond to parents
10:00- after shower, I go to bed

 I'm sure everyone else has an insane schedule like that too. I'm just not sure how they fit crafting in too! Although I am pretty proud of myself about 1 thing that I did this past week!! I learned how to do this:

Isn't it amazing!?!? I have known how to make "snake blankets" as my mom calls them since I was about 6 or 7. But not until this week could I do anything else! Hopefully, it'll turn out to be a scarf for my niece. I had bought the yarn hoping to make a blanket for my daughter but I don't think that I'm up to doing anything that big yet. If anyone knows of a place to find several easy patterns (especially a hat or shawl) I'd really really appreciate it!! 
P.S.- I will be doing another post later tonight about a project that I will *hopefully* be getting to today!

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