March 7, 2010


The kids in my class here me say "Let's catch-up" and they'll say "It's not lunch. Why do we need ketchup!" Got to love 3rd graders :) Anyways,  I thought I'd share some pictures of the last two weeks that I've been AWOL. Enjoy!
First there was the snow. We NEVER get snow! But we were blessed with somewhere between 5-6 inches!

My son loved it :) Well... so long as he didn't have to touch it and he could just walk in it. Which was a huge improvement from last winter when he wouldn't even walk in it!

He really did love walking around in it :)

Then we had Valentines day. Aren't my pumpkins cute?
*This picture is just too cute not to share. But at the same time, it reminds me why I need photo software. I hate red eye and I can't do anything about it!!!*
Another very cute one (with stinky red eye in it!! grrrrrr!!!)

Then my husband and I got to have a date! Yay! This doesn't happen very often for us. Where else would you go on a Valentine's Day date? We decided bowling was the best!!

My husband beat me really bad all 4 games. At least I had several strikes! (Yay me!!)

Don't we look happy? (Well, my husband looks happy, I look pudgy but that's another post!)

And my cutie even got to have his first tractor ride since it FINALLY warmed up this weekend!

:) Isn't he adorable in his NAPA hat? He matches his Granddaddy!

What's been new in your lives?

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