January 12, 2010

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

I am currently really into making clothes, refashioning clothes, and just boosting my wardrobe in general. I was just checking out one of the blogs that I surf on a normal basis called The Farm Chicks. They have amazing things on this site! Even better, they seem to surf other blogs as much as I do in pursuit of more craft ideas. One of their newest posts over there on the farm was all about an on-line shop called Emersonmade. Look at all of these beautiful items! I am completely in love with these flowers. Here are two of my favorites that I might have to try to replicate....

How stylish are these outfits!! I'm going to start looking for a blazer right now just so that I can have a bright pink flower to go on it. You definitely need to scoot on over and check out both of these sites!

The Farm Chicks have some amazing items to offer for the crafty woman. Check out her page to get some amazing recipes, see awesome crafting places, and best of all fabulous inspiration!

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