January 11, 2010

Starting my to-do list...

It's barely into the new year and I'm already working on my crafting to-do list! If you were to look at my bookmarks... oh.my.gosh... I've gone insane with finding new blogs and new crafts to look at and to make. Here are a few of my favorites that I wanted to pass along:

First of all, I found this wonderful, wonderful new blog called Make It and Love It. I have a TOOOOON of great new crafts that I want to try from her site! Her are several:

How cute is this owl? It's amazing how she reuses her sweaters to make such adorable things! My husband and I just cleaned out a TON of clothes and I saved out lots of sweaters to felt and repurpose for crafts.

Here are these adorable shoes too! Can you believe that she did this with just Mod Podge and cloth? Wowzers!!!!! All bow, right?

I'm also making this shirt! Once you look at this shirt on her website, you won't believe how easy peasy it is!

I'll post more of my "to-do's"later :) Hope you enjoy the new site!

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