January 18, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

I've been working at creating my own crafts as well as surfing the net to find the most creative ladies out there! I wanted to share some of things that I've been working on so hopefully I'll help to inspire ya'll as well! This was my first project that I started a couple months ago. We recently renovated our office so now I'm able to set up my sewing machine and keep it up. Before that it was hit or miss setting my machine up on the dining room table to be able to sew. I started off getting the pattern cut out... then 3 or 4 months passed before I was able to sew it together. I'm really proud of it (even with my few mistakes) since it was the very first time I've ever sewn on jersey fabric as well as one of the first things I've ever sewn truly on my own. So... drum roll please.......

Pretty isn't it? I think so :) Now imagine it with a thick brown belt around the middle and maybe a pair of brown boots lazily propped up against the bottom of the dress stand... *sigh* too bad I don't have either of these items to complete the outfit. Guess I have an excuse to go shopping right?

I think overall it turned out pretty well. I only had to call my mom (a.k.a. sewing mentor) a couple of times. I also learned a lot about interfacing as well! Oh well, I'm proud of myself anyways and that's what counts :)

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