February 8, 2012

New TWG- Phonics are Phenomenal!

Don't forget to head on over to Teaching with Grace and follow my new blog so you can keep up with the news! Only another two weeks until I no longer post to this blog.

Phonics are something that, for me, were barely covered in my education classes in college. I think that I must have been raised during the 'sight word only' era. So having to teach and explain phonics are definitely very new to me. One of the ways that I have discovered is easiest for me to teach them is through music. When I was a Third grade teacher I never, ever would have thought that I'd love to sing to a whole group of students. But of course, we all know and love Dr. Jean.

Dr. Jean & Friends

BUT did ya'll know that she has a blog too!?!?!?! It's awesome! I love the song that she posted today. You definitely need to go check it out! What's better than singing about CVCs to the tune of the Wheels of the Bus?

I hope everyone had a great day today! My day was a tad hectic...you know, Mom being declared almost cancer free, son throwing up 4 times, having to get a last minute sub... all the normal stuff :) Here's hoping tomorrow is "more boring"!!

Have a blessed day,

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