December 9, 2011

Polar Express Day for a Newbie


Today was our Polar Express Day in Kindergarten. As a newbie to the whole celebration it was SO much fun!! What other job do you get to wear your PJs, drink hot chocolate, and watch a movie? The whole day was so much fun :)

We started off the day with reading the picture book and then retelling the story with a coloring sheet from The Mailbox. All of a sudden our room was buzzed from the front office. Our secretary told us that all of a sudden there had been a flash of red and a gust of wind in the office. When things settled, there was a package waiting for us. Our whole class lined up and went down to the office to find our cold present waiting. Inside were our bell necklaces from Santa! However, Rudolph must have wanted to play a trick on us because they were all twisted together :(

(** Tip #1 for a better time next year: put necklaces in individual baggies so they don't do this!!)

After we came back from specials and had snack, we started the movie. I stopped the movie for the hot chocolate scene. I have seen several different ways that other teachers do their hot chocolate but I used plain cold chocolate milk that is premixed, pour into a crock pot, turn on low, and heat until needed. I turned the crock pot off and cracked the lid about 15 minutes before serving. That way it was warm but not hot. My students were so excited to be able to have their choice of big marshmellows or small marshmellows. I had planned  on having them compare numbers of marshmellows (big vs small) for math but ran out of time.

We took a break from the movie to do a writing response. I have a paper from The Mailbox that has a cute graphic of a train and the sentence starter "If a train pulled up to my house, I would go to..." My students came up with the cutest responses!

-To the North Pole
-To the beach
-To Heaven (there was a small discussion amoung the kids about Santa vs. God)
-To tell their Mom and Dad (afterall, who would get on a strange train without their parents.. magic or not!)

The over all day was simply fantastic! Now we only have 1 more week until vacation!!

Have a blessed day,

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