November 21, 2011

Last minute Thanksgiving Ideas

I know that some of us are lucky enough to have all of this week off. But there are those few who still have to go on today and Tuesday. I htought I'd show you a couple of last minute fun ideas that we did today. Maybe you can plug them in tomorrow or next week. I also have several more that I will take pictures of tomorrow that you can pin for next year or squeeze into this week.

I really love the Oreo turkey. I had a mom come in and do the activity with us. The kids LOVED this. But really, what Kindergartener is not going to love candy, cookies, and frosting all put together?

The paper turkey off to the side is a cute math idea. The kids made their turkeys today and will write math sentences tomorrow about adding the yellow and red feathers together. I let the kids just count out the number of each color that they wanted. One of the other teachers on my grade level suggested letting them roll a die and then count them out. Definitely doing that for next year!

Have a blessed day,

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