November 19, 2011

Fabulous Foldable Friday Finish

I was so tired yesterday after our Thanksgiving festivities that I decided my Friday post would have to be put off slightly. I thought that the best way to end such an awesome week of foldables would be to show you two AH-MAZING sites that I have found for folables, lap books, shape books, etc. These two are the best resources for teacher of all grade levels!

There is a humongous section of templates for any possible one that you could want!

A site that I have shared in the past is my friend Katie's Real Classroom Ideas. She has an entire section form Foldable books. I figure that's just futher proof of how awesome these things are! Katie has included two great sites that I have used over and over:

Portfolders are a lot like lapbooks only bigger. Bigger is better right?
Parkview Middle School's amazing PDF has many, many detailed instructions for various foldables.

I love sharing great ideas with everyone. I hope that they are as useful to you as they are to me!!

Have a blessed day,

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