August 15, 2011

Behavior management gem!

I have always used an awesome sliding scale type of behavior management chart but had considered using the more traditional 'pull a card' system. But... then I saw so many people posting about this system:

Clip Chart eBook

I love this system and have used it in my Kindergarten classroom so far this year. It has definitely been wonderful in helping the students to make better decisions throughout the day. I have made sure that I am always speaking to the whole class. For example, I might have to move Sarah's (not an actual student this year) clip I will speak over everyone and say," Oh, Sarah, I am so sad that you are choosing to xyz instead of abc so I will have to move your clip down. I sure hope you rethink your decisions so I can move your clip back up. I would love to give you a sticker at the end of the day!" Or I might say something positive,"I love how Sarah is doing abc. I am thrilled to move your clip up. If you aren't sure what you should be doing, take a quick look at what Sarah is doing right now. I can't wait to put a sticker on Sarah's clip at the end of the day!"

I have seen an amazing effect with the kids this past week. Today, since it's the second Monday, my Kinders were a tad bit more... lively and unfortunately I had 2 who were on the Teacher's Choice at the end of the day and 3 that were on Think About It! section. Really, though, everyone else did wonderful all day!

Here is my version of this chart:

I made my paper's using my amazing DJ Inkers clipart and fonts, glued them to posterboard (2 long pieces glued together), and then laminated it. So far it's been wonderful!

If you would like my printables, please click below and help yourself! Have a fabulous week this week!

Outstanding Poster

Great Job Poster

Good Day Poster

Ready to Learn Poster

Think About It Poster

Teacher's Choice

Parent Contact Poster

Have a blessed day,

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  1. Thanks for the printables. It seems to be a great system alright.

    I have seen it used as a ladder too where the children are placed at different rungs on the ladder. This determines how much "golden time" they'll have on Friday evening, e.g. if they finish the week on the top rung, they get 50 mins, second from top rung = 40 mins, bottom rung = 10mins.

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