July 22, 2011

Pinterest is exploding!

Isn't it though? It has really caught on like a fire and is sweeping across the web. Craziness! I love seeing all the fantastic ideas that others find as well as being able to archive the items that I want or find. It is a fantastic site! This morning I found an awesome blog called:
This blog has so, so many different ideas that are simple yet creative and engaging to students. She has some adorable printables up for free that I will definitely be grabbing before I go back to school (next week is the end of vacation!!!). You definitely need to go on over and check out her site! Plus I have added the button for my Pinterest to my sidebar. If you'd like to follow me, just click the button. Let me know if you would like an invite to Pinterest, too. This is an awesome place that everyone should enjoy!!

Have a blessed day,

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