June 15, 2011

A Present for YOU!

Good afternoon everyone! I have a present for everyone... or at least I hope you consider it a present! This past year I had a parent who I had the need to keep track of all our communications. It made me realize that I really need a consistent form to be able to record for all of the parents, not just those certain ones who really need it. So I came up with the following form. I'm hoping that it will also be helpful for others. I'm planning on having a communication binder specifically for this purpose that way it will be on hand. This will be so much better than just sticking the printed out e-mails into a page protector. I will still be printing off the e-mails but they will be filed seperately in my filing cabinet so I can access them as needed.

Documentation Sheet

I believe that you can click on this and be able to download the document. If you aren't, I will research a bit more and see what else I need to do.

Have a blessed day,

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