June 14, 2011

Are you looking for great ideas for the fall?

I know that there are a lot of teachers out there like me.... you have several weeks off to recoup from the year. Then slowly but surely you begin to think about the next year! Well, on that note, I have a website for you! Actually two websites. Both are from my friend Katie in CA. She has been teaching for several years and is an amazingly creative person. She began with a website called Real Classroom Ideas. This first website is a treasure trove of resources, links, ideas, and information to help inspire you in every area from classroom set-up and themes to class pets to all subject areas. It's one of those awesome sites that could take you days to search and read!

Her second site is called Sprout Classrooms. Katie runs this whole operation out of her home that she shares with her husband and bunny. Yes, you read that right... bunny :) He's a house bunny that gets to hang out and about around the house.... Anyways, she buys used or new materials from teachers who are retiring, cleaning out, or moving grade levels. Then she photographs and posts each item on this site. She has a garage dedicated to all of the thousands of items! She does an amazing job and is a great person to work with! Head on over to her sites and get inspired or stocked up!!

Have a blessed day,

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