May 16, 2011

Weight Loss

Good evening to everyone! I'm curious... how do you stay on track with your weight loss? I'm horrible about sticking with things.....

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I know right? Not the biggest surprise. Does anyone remember when I posted about Jess over at IROCKSOWHAT ? She is fabulous!!

My goal.. so that I can publish and make it public (that's the big step right?) is to lose 18 more pounds and 13 inches from my waist. Not quite sure how I'm going to do that. Any advice would be fabulous!!

My first step is to really stick to a better diet. I stink at this! I believe that I need to cut out a lot of fat (teachers me tend to eat a lot of candy that is sitting around) and to cut back a bit on calories.

I also want to start exercising. Mainly, as I've told my husband, I would like to start running. I've never been a runner but I would really love to be one. It looks like it'd be fun. I've found a lot of different running plans and hopefully one of them will work.

Has anyone else started a new hobby or exercise/weight goal lately? What are your favorite exercise sites to keep you motivated?

Have a blessed day,

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  1. Go to your friend's house and exercise in their pool. Not just boring laps, but water aerobics - it's fun, it works and you don't get sweaty (my major dislike for other work-out routine!). I happen to know of some people who have invited you.... :-)