January 13, 2011

Construction done!

This is me right now:

Image courtesy of Flyfishchick.com

You know the look. Slightly hyper because you are so proud of yourself over what you just accomplished. Well, that would be me right now! I am so thrilled with my makeover of my blog. I had a lot of help from some wonderful ladies and their ah-mazing tutorials. To give them their credit here are the great women and how they helped me out:
Mad in Crafts helped with making my buttons and my menu bar
The Girl Creative helped with my menu bar too! Her tutorial is 2 separate posts here and here.

I know that several people have asked how to make buttons for your blog. I thought about writing a whole new tutorial but I couldn't think of a better way to put it than the way on Mad in Crafts! I promise that hers is really truly the best around! It's actually the tutorial that I used to create my blog. 

Have a blessed day,

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