November 1, 2010

What about the guys?

What about the guys? What can I do for them for Christmas?


That's the little cricket that sneaks into my house once a week to drink out of my sink.
Well, here is what I have in my lonnng list of funness:

Over at How About Orange they made these awesome coasters out of recycled magazines. I attempted to make them (no pictures as my little guy decided that they were fun to play with and they since disappeared). Pretty easy to make and my husband thought that they were pretty cool too.

Imagine some more masculine type of fabric and this guitar cover over at a pretty cool life would suit the musician in your life, too.

A couple other ideas:
1) Check out Mad in Crafts- earlier this year she did a whole series of crafts just for guys.
2) Look on etsy- I spent an amazing hour the other night being inspired by going from page to page on their gift ideas section!

P.S.- I'd give more ideas on here but, my husband subscribes to my blog (love you honey!) and if I tell you all my ideas, he might figure out some of the things he's getting for Christmas this year.


  1. A guitar strap is a brilliant idea! Thanks for the advice :)

  2. Thanks alissa! I'm glad to be able to give inspiration. I hate to get stuck on gift ideas for the guys. They always seem to get left out from the handmade items.