November 16, 2010

Project for a little one

All about the posting right now aren't I?

Yay me! Plus, I can say for once that I have caught up on the laundry and dishes too!
**Snoopy dance to the left...Snoopy dance to the right**

This next project was something I stumbled into during one of my multitudes of internet searches.

Image courtesy of Red Ted Art's Blog

Isn't he just adorable!?!??!

I think he's perfect for a certain little one:

It was also perfect timing because my husband just gave me a whole stack of brand-new socks that he doesn't like (something about preferring the blood flowing through his legs instead of being cut off). So now all I need is to stop off at a craft store (hardship there right?) and pick up a dowel for the horses' head to go on. I hope to show you this guy soon!

P.S.- If you search for other tutorials on-line they might call this cutie either a stick horse or a hobby horse.

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