November 15, 2010

Finished or not?

I'm not sure if this project is finished or not. You know how you can start a project and you work on it, it looks great to you but according to the pattern there is still more to do? 

Totally understand if that was a confusing thought!

Let me show you what I mean:

I'm not much of a cross-stitcher but I thought I'd give it a try for my mom. So I started this bible cover and I'm really thinking I can not stand to do the outside leaves. I think it's very pretty the way it is right now. 
I don't want to do those leaves!!!

So, what do ya'll think? Does it look okay? Or should I suffer follow through with the leaves?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday and tomorrow goes amazing :)


  1. LOL I think it looks lovely without the leaves... and your mom will LOVE it! :)

  2. Thanks! I have decided that I am just not a cross-stitcher at heart. I am somewhat (my husband would say very) impatient and I really like quick crafts. That is simply something that cross-stich is not. Maybe I'll give it another try in a couple of months and see what I come up with. Of course I also have these great tea towels I had thought of doing for my Nanny....