October 29, 2010

What about the little ones?

Christmas time is always a ton of fun just for the simple act of being able to watch the little ones in your family open their presents and seeing their faces light up. I'm hoping that some of these links will help you be able to bring that light to your little ones this year.

Over at Making the World Cuter, there is a great project known as a Quiet Book. I think both of my little ones would love to have these for when we go to restaurants or long distances in the car.

I also love this Memory game tutorial. There are a ton of different versions out there on the web. I have seen some super personalized ones, fabric ones, and these cute wooden ones too!

Over at homemade by jill, there is this simply wonderful present for my adorable little man. This is especially great for a car-crazy little one!
See how I'm getting into trouble with my To-Do list? Too many great ideas and not enough time!

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