February 8, 2010

Monday Review

I am still in the swing of finding projects to give as gifts. Over the past several years it's been an increasing trend (at least for me) that I can't find anything for certain people. So, starting this past Christmas we (my husband and I) have really looked at making presents for everyone. Well, during a massive internet surfing session this past weekend I found an amazing project for these really really cute coasters. See them here:

Thanks to Apartment Therapy, you can find the tutorial here.

The project also comes from the book Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan. One of my newest favorite books! Here it is:

Even the cover is cute and full of promise, right? Trust me that you will NOT be disappointed by this book! I am so very very excited about this new treasure chest of ideas! I already have several people on my Christmas list that will be getting those adorable coasters. From so many adorable projects, it's hard to choose what to make! Look at these tank tops:
(Thank you Home Ec Shop!)
And this adorable crochet hook holder!

Ms. Ryan even tells you how to do some of the basic things like making a yo-yo for an adorable necklace in her book. I have a niece who would looove some of the easy (and durable) girly jewelry that is included in this book. She also has bags, home stuff, and even (Adorable) useful craft items. How perfect! 
Let me know if you've ever made anything from this book. I'd love to check out your results or hear your thoughts about the projects.

**P.S.- Please let me know if you'd love to get some extra exposure for your very own blog or etsy shop. I'd love to do a giveaway. Drop me a line and let me know :) **

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