February 1, 2010

Monday Review

Happy Monday!! I know at that phrase you are probably rolling your eyes, groaning, or thinking about crawling back under the covers just because it's the beginning of another work week. I was sitting and thinking this weekend about how I could make my Monday's better (and hopefully help out my amazing followers with their Monday blues as well!). This is what I came up with :

Monday Review!!
What better way to get through the week (or even just the first day of the week!) than to get some amazing inspiration. Personally, I couldn't really think of another way myself. So each Monday, I'm going to post either an an amazing new website or book that has led me to be inspired. Hopefully it will do the same for you and help you get through your week. For my first review, it'll be this brand new gem that I bought at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I was really excited to find it because typically most sewing or crafting books that I want are usually not available right off the shelf in the store! I usually end up ordering them.

But here is my gem what I found!
(It's Amy Butler's IN STITCHES...had to take my own picture as my internet is super slow in loading Amazon!)

There are some amazing projects in here that I can't wait to try. Amy Butler is an awesome seamstress, designer, entrepreneur, woman, person, human.... okay I'll stop. But seriously, if you've ever seen some of her stuff (fabric, designs, quilts, etc.) then you'll probably agree with me! The projects in this book range from incredibly beginner easy (like the Placemats and Napkins or Giftable Recipe Card Bags) to the slightly more advanced (i.e. the Clutch Handbag with Fabric Flower, or the Fashion Checkbook Clutch).

I hope that if  you have the book you might leave a comment telling me your favorite project that you've made from the book. Or if you don't have it or have never even heard of Amy Butler you might go google her.. or better yet-- here is her website!

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