January 31, 2010

Family Crafty-ness

I am excited to share the following project with you! It's not actually one of my own projects but someone that I love more than anything did make it :) This is my husband's version of being crafty!
Isn't it completely and totally amazing?!?! For years my husband ( I'll start calling him Mr. Crafty) has wanted to do what is called turning. It's how you make bowls, pepper mills, chess pieces, and so so so many other cool things. One of the first projects he started with were pens. This is his one of his latest pens done in a bright yellow acrylic. He also makes pens out of wood. It is so awesome to see all the different variations that he comes out with. Mr. Crafty is able to make a pen that is just about any shape, size, or color. 

However, in the past 2 years or so that he's been doing this, a problem has developed. This problem has a name... let's call him Mr. Crafty Jr. (our wonderful 2 year old!!). Mr. Crafty Jr. really really really likes his Daddy's "colors" as he calls them. So much so that he throws an absolute fit if he sees one and doesn't get to play with it.

In order to solve this problem, Mr. Crafty has developed the following:
Now, what is it do you ask? I think that it looks like an extra big and very yummy lemon Mike and Ike... but then I am a candy-holic! Well if we were to unscrew the lid... we would find....

Voila! It's a crayon holder! How amazing is that!?!? Mr. Crafty Jr. loves that his "color" looks just like his Daddy's and even comes with a lid that he can screw on and off. Mr. Crafty should be very, very proud of himself for this creative solution. I love that crafty-ness runs in our family :) 

Leave some love please for my husband's crafty-ness :) Or better yet, my husband would love to start selling these but hasn't set up an Etsy account yet. If you'd be interested at all in purchasing (as they make great gifts for any and all occasions!) please send me an e-mail and we can work something out!

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