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June 28, 2012

Giveaway time!

Happy Thursday! There are so many of you that I miss at my new blog: Teaching with Grace!

Please come stop by and check out our new hang-out! I'm having a giveaway right now for the Playful Learning Book Study. You can win an e-course worth $125! How awesome, right? Come visit to enter!

Have a blessed day,

February 22, 2012

Missing you... Post 2

Double the love! I just wanted to make sure you got to see both of my excellent posts from today!

I'm really excited about how well my new blog is going. I hope everyone has switched over and started following. On Saturday I will have the last double blog post here. I will also be offering a couple of goodies on Saturday over on TWG!

Have a blessed day,

Missing you... Post 1

I missed everyone this weekend! My little boy has been sick so I'm making up for lost time. Here is the first of two posts that I added over at Teaching with Grace. Don't forget, you have until Saturday to switch over and follow. I might even be offering a little somethin' somethin' for those who do ;)

Have a blessed day,

February 18, 2012

Two for the Price of One!

Only a few more days until I will no longer be doing double posts. Make sure you've clicked over to Teaching with Grace and become a blogger. The 25th will be the last time that I do a double post.

Today, I have two different posts to share with you. The first is for next week: Washington or Lincoln?
It has great ideas for what you could do next week on Monday (if you don't have the day off) or Tuesday (if you do get the day off :) ). I hope you love them! I'm really excited about the Washington.

The second is to show you the great new things that I just listed on Teachers Pay Teachers! I am so excited about my two new activity units. They each have three different activities in them to help your lovelies practice their Friends of Ten number sense!

Have a blessed day,

February 16, 2012

New TWG- Pin-ccomplishments: What are they?

Great new post over at Teaching With Grace!!

I think I've created a new word: pin-ccomplishment!!

Have a blessed day,

February 14, 2012

TWG- Linky party for Reading!

So, how do you deepen your student's reading comprehension? Check out the linky party here to share your idea and read lots of others!

Don't forget to check out Teaching with Grace! You only have until the 25th to read the posts here. If you want to keep up with the awesome posts and ideas make sure you head on over and follow me.

Have a blessed day,

February 13, 2012

Book clubs in Kindergarten?


Check out the newest blog post over at TWG! I'm showing you how to use a book club in Kindergarten. I can't wait!

Have a blessed day,

February 10, 2012

A rewarding experience!

I am so blessed! My new blog (Teaching with Grace) has been gifted with the Liebster Award! I am so excited. Go here to check it out!

Have a blessed day,