November 15, 2011

Math Foldable Monday

Don't you just hate when your pictures that you swear were on your jump drive just... well... aren't there any more?!?! That's what happened to me yesterday. So, that just means you get double the fun today! You get to have two different foldables: Math and Language Arts.

But first, for math I want to show you these awesome ideas that you could use in your classroom. I have definitely found my favorite types of flip books and reused them over and over in multiple ways for each subject.

This first is by far one of my favorites! Simply fold your paper long ways (hot dog style) and then cut ONLY one side up to the fold however many times that you need. This one shows the different number forms. You can also do this for new vocabulary, steps in a sequence, etc.

On the inside you can show whatever information you need. For my third grade class last year, we did a number together all the way across to show them how to do it. Then they had to roll dice to come up with their own number and complete all the way across.

I also have used this kind of flip book as well. It's very similar but you fold it hot dog style. Then fold the two sides in to meet the middle. That way you have way more flaps! I used it below for my kindergarteners to practice counting.

 That way they can count and open up the flap to see the numeral and the word. This way they can self check and see all versions of the numbers: model, numeral, and word.

Make sure to go check out all the other amazing ideas over at Thinking of Teaching for Foldables Week!!

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