November 29, 2011

How do your kids measure? **FREEBIE ALERT**

My students have been learning about how to use nonstandard measurement this week. They are having so much fun with it so far!

Our first day, we read Leo Lionni's Inch by Inch.
 Inch by Inch

It's an adorable book about an inchworm who measures different birds and their parts. On each page, we used unifix cubes and paperclips to measure the different parts of the bird. Our second day was spent with the students collecting 5 objects and measuring them with unifix cubes. To summarize our learning we talked about what was the longest object, the shortest, any the same, etc. They had a ball with it!

Our next step is going to be measuring each other's arms. That's where the FREEBIE comes in! I have a printable chart for you to use. I'm planning on them doing just an arm tomorrow and then next week we will be measuring how tall we are. We'll use that data to create a class graph to compare sizes.

Below is the printable that I'm goiing to use. I will have each partner pair have 1 so it's all on the same page as they work together.

Measuring Partners Arms With Nonstandard

I hope you enjoy!

Have a blessed day,

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