October 29, 2011

Seven Sillies on Saturday (plus my newest project)

Seven Sillies on Saturday are just seven silly (and random) things about me or things that I've done.

1.) I petted a lobster today. Did you know that they will take them out of the tank at Red Lobster so you can do that?
2.) I spent Friday graphing M&M's with almost 80 kindergarteners.
3.) I hate doing dishes. I did so many loads of laundry today but didn't even touch the dishes :(
4.) I change the channel when watching a show the gets to an uncomfortable scene. If I know someone is going to get in trouble or something scary is going to happen, I switch.
5.) I dread lunchroom duty. Don't know why but it's my least favorite thing about being a teacher!
6.) My children try to sneak acorns everywhere! There were several dropped throughout Target today as we shopped.
7.) I hardly ever paint my nails. I really stink at painting my own finger nails. I wish I was better about it though!

Random, huh? Maybe this will help make this a worth while post ;) Below is a pattern that I just sat down and sewed.

It's on sale right now on McCall's website for $1.49. Sweet! This pattern is really easy to read and follow. I made a pair of the pants out of this really cute fabric that has a blue background and pears/apples on top. I'm almost done with it :) My little girl is in bed so I have to wait till tomorrow to measure her waist for the elastic. The pair of pants only requires two pieces and sews together very quickly. So far, including cutting the pattern out, it has been about a 2 hour project. I have the casing done and the bottom hemmed, too. I'm going to make a monogrammed shirt too to go along with the pants. Once I have it all done, I'll post pictures!

Over all I have a very 'accomplished mommy' feeling for today. Since I finished shopping for Halloween, window shopped for Christmas, caught up on laundry, sewed, blogged, and even took a nap! The only things I have left to accomplish this weekend are: dishes, lesson plans, newsletter, and making cookies for my little girl's Halloween party of Monday. I already took everything for my little guy's party to his room on Friday :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday tomorrow! My church is moving locations and tomorrow is our very first Sunday at the new place. It's going to be a ton of fun!

Have a blessed day,

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  1. I would love to have you contribute to Foldables Week. We are going to do Math on Monday, Language Arts on Tuesday, Science on Wed and Social Studies on Thursday. Will you let me know which day or days (!) you would prefer and I will link you up! Just send me an email!