July 5, 2011

Terrific Target Finds!

The blog world is all a-flutter about the terrific Target teacher treasures... how's that for an awesome alliteration? :) I am thrilled to say that I found even more cute things this weekend! Some of these have saved me a good amount of money from buying the "name brand" items available in teacher stores. I am always up for a good deal!

These were only $1 in the Dollar Spot. I expected them to be $2.50 since they were on the wall section. I'm planning on using these for each of my tables. I have 4 tables plus my own Guided Reading/Small Group table. I haven't decided if they will hold smaller cups for individual supplies like crayons, scissors, etc. Or if they will be trash cans. I saw on another blog where a teacher uses small trash cans at each table for when the kids cut. (I can't remember who's! Please let me know so I can give credit if it was yours!). If I decide to do that, I might put plastic grocery bags in them. This is a perfect way to be able to limit the tiny pieces of paper all over the floor!

These are $2.50 in the Dollar Spot section. I am going to put a book case behind my Guided Reading/ Small Group table. On top of the book case I am going to place these to hold all of the books for my reading groups. I hope that these will be helpful from avoiding having a stack of books on top of the table that I forget which was for what group!

Last but not least, the smaller goodies! I love, love, love these pocket charts! I have a couple of school already but I'm really hoping to do some "read the room" activities with poems in these. I also just bought an ABC pocket chart set that I really want to use this year. Other bloggers have been talking about the adorable Dr. Seuss items that have been appearing. I finally found them!! I got stickers and book marks for Dr. Seuss week next year.

So, what have you found lately?

Have a blessed day,

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  1. I use the small crate like baskets on the center of my tables for trash as well! I never thought about using grocery bags in the middle to keep scraps in tact. Thanks for the idea! I always have a million bags at home!!