July 3, 2011

Target Finds!!

Lots of teachers are posting about their Target finds... and wow are there some great things out there! My Target hasn't put out a ton of their teacher items yet. But they are slowly trickling in and I'm keeping my eye out for the cool things I've seen on other blogs! I thought I'd share what I have found so far though.

These are so cute! Each package has two small packs of alphabet letter beads. I found these over in the craft-ish aisle. They were even on clearance for just under $2. Definitely love a good deal!! I'm planning on using them with these:

To make I-Spy containers for my students. I'm thinking about using a sheet where they use tallies to record the letters that they find.

I also found these:

These were in the dollar section... awesome right? Very cute and simple sets of lacing beads. These are going to be perfect for creating patterns! I can't wait to see all the other cool finds that show up in my local Target over the next couple of weeks. You should definitely check out some of the other blogs that have been sharing their finds too!

Have a blessed day,

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