July 8, 2011

Link up over at Runde's Room- Favorite book fun!!

Runde's Room is hosting a really fun linky party this week. It's all about your favorite books ever. Below are mine. I can't wait to see what everyone elses' favorites are!

1. Childhood Favorites- My favorite picture book as a child was Harold and the Purple Crayon. It was one of the first that I bought for my son when I was pregnant! I still remember my two favorite chapter books were Z for Zachariah (blame that on having a brother in high school) and Queen of Sheba (just a random book I grabbed from the shelf in the Media Center).
2. Classroom Favorites- I love reading any of Andrew Clements books to my students. Friendle and No Talking! are two of my favorites. I also enjoy reading Wait Till Helen Comes which is about to be made into a movie. Goosebumps and Bunnicula also go over big in my classroom.
3. Reading to my own children- We have so many books at our house for our kids. I love going to the library for story time and getting them all the classics. But I have to say that my little boy loves, loves, loves Llama, Llama books. My little girl loves Pinkalicious. It's so adorable how excited they are to read!
4. Professional- My absolute favorites (coming from 3rd grade standpoint) are Stephanie Harvey books (Comprehension Toolkit, Nonfiction Matters, and Strategies That Work). They have fantastic lessons and information for increasign students' comprehension during reading. Love that!
5. Guilty Pleasure- This is the easiest one to answer: Nora Roberts and any other romance. I am a huge sucker for romance novels. I love how the women are romanced and there is always some sort of a happy ending. It just makes my day!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! My middle daughter also loves Pinkalicious - we have Purlplicious and Goldalicious, too.