July 26, 2011

Internet Celebrities..

We all know them in our various circles. In the crafty blog circle you have Made, Made by Rae, and Craftaholics Annonymous. In the teaching blog circle you have Little Miss Kindergarten, Miss B, Busy Bee, and everyone on Teaching Blog Addict. But.. have ya'll met the amazing Esme Codell!??!?! Oh my gosh!

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She is an amazing author of children's books. I was introduced to her a couple of years ago. But I love just to surf her website and look at her creativity spill out on the pages of  her books. She has a teacher corner, a book-a-day blog, and more to explore. I love all of her ideas and input. I even follow her on Facebook :)

On that note... the coolest thing happened to me today concerning Esme... she began following my  boards on Pinterest :) Now, I know that some people will think that I'm being silly by being excited about this. But it's so awesome to know that she saw something I pinned, thought it was a great idea, surfed my boards, and thought that they were interesting/inpirational enough to follow my boards. It's a very cool moment. So, please, go check out her awesomeness and leave a little love for her!

Have a blessed day,

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