July 9, 2011

In honor of the last shuttle launch yesterday...


Does anyone else still show Bill Nye to their kids? Oh. my. gosh! My students these past few years have absolutely loved him and they now the intro song. They think it's awesome when we watch one of his movies. I think that that is excellent! They are engaged and activity learning while they watch him. My ESOL students come away with vocabulary that they wouldn't have learned by just reading, my auditory/visual students are definitely learning, and those who needed to see it just one.more.time... get to in a fun way! We all know that as technology infiltrates our world more and more that math and science need to be made paramount in our students instruction. My administration at school are definitely encouraging us to integrate our content of science and social studies more and more. I love doing experiments and looking at critters and such so I'm definitely okay with that! I also love teaching history to my students (but that's another post!). With this thinking, I believe that a lot of students (who tend to tune things out) need to hear those 'Did You Know That?'  facts that Bill Nye is so famous for. So, here are a couple of nifty things about critters that I want to share with my Kinders this year:

Did you know that the praying mantis can jump? This little guy made his escape the other day while my husband annd I were doing yard work. I watched him literally jump his way to freedom!

Image courtesy of Flicker

Did you know that if a lizard loses it's tail it will grow it back?

Image courtest of Flicker

Did you know that cats use their wiskers as a measuring tool? If there wiskers can stretch across a hole, they can fit! Because of their skeletal bodies, cats can bend it tons of different ways! On a side note, I Googled 'gray cat' and came up with this guy but I swear he looks just like my cat! Too crazy!

So, what cool facts do you share with your students each year? I can't recall what all I told my 3rd graders last year (tons and tons) but I figured these were some nifty Kindergarten-appropriate facts that would engage their minds.

Have a blessed day,

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