July 7, 2011

Freebie #1- Folder Stickers

I love having everything labeled in my room. My folders are no exception for sure! It's actually kind of silly how much time I've spent thinking about my folders for next year. Coming from 3rd grade to Kindergarten means going from having 2 folders (Friday and Homework) to having over 4 folders (Daily, Friday, Math, Writing, etc.). It's definitely going to require color coding my folders and what not. But in 3rd grade, with only 2 folders, I typically used the really pretty printer paper that has the border around the edges. I just couldn't see doing that on all of those folders, plus laminating them too. So, my solution were these type of stickers:

These were also found at Target :D They were on sale for just barely over $3.00!!! I can't wait to start printing these next week on the color printer at school. Below is a set of the adorable labels that I'm going to be using this year. (The labels code is 18163.)
Sun Labels

Book Worm Labels

I hope you can use these in your classroom. Once you download them, you can add your name, grade level, and the student's name. That's my plan at least :) Enjoy!

Have a blessed day,

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